Funeral For a Friend sign up with Pledge Music

UK artist Funeral for a Friend are the latest band to sign up with fan-funded platform Pledge Music. In their case, it's to raise money for a new EP, which will be distributed via the service. helps artists promote one another

Trading fans? We'd love to see a transfer deal between The Saturdays and Cradle Of Filth. But since that's unlikely to happen, is the next best bet. It's a service that encourages bands to trade fans, by promoting...

Glee’s MySpace auditions – 28k entrants and 85m votes

MySpace has been the host for an online audition for US TV drama Glee, announced last month.

M.I.A. video too nasty for YouTube

You won't be seeing the new M.I.A. video on YouTube, due to its graphic violence. The video involves a squad of military police laying waste to civilians in eye-wincing detail.

The National launch New York Times stream to beat the leaks

US band The National saw their new album leak online last week in advance of its release, but like an increasing number of artists, they've turned to free streaming as a response...

Top 10 reasons artists don’t register with SoundExchange

US performance rights body SoundExchange has contributed a guest post for our SandboxFM digital marketing blog, explaining the ten most common reasons why artists don't register with the body to receive their royalties

Whatever happened to the Magic Numbers’ Facebook fan page?

It's easy to get carried away by the potential of social networks for music marketing, especially given this week's Facebook announcements.

Nimbit launches upgraded nimbitPro D2C marketing service

Nimbit has been providing widgets for artists to sell music direct to their fans for a while now, but now it has a premium version: nimbitPro. The service lets artists pre-sell new releases in VIP bundles, capture email address...

Musiio wants to charge bands to stream music to their fans

Given the current hoo-ha around Spotify's payouts, that headline might sound strange. However, Musiio is a new startup that aims to connect bands to fans, while charging the former for its role as a middleman.

Zoe Keating warns against social media big splashes

Cellist Zoe Keating might not be a household name (yet), but she has nearly 1.4 million followers on Twitter. In an interview with Rockdex's blog, she explains that the key to social media success is to be slow and steady....

Disney set for 50-day music giveaway

Walt Disney Records is set to kick off a big music giveaway: 50 Days Of Disney Music. Fans are being asked to friend the label on Facebook, follow its Twitter feed or text its shortcode.

MySpace debuts transatlantic webcast with Hot Chip

Hot Chip are the latest band to livestream one of their gigs online, working with MySpace and tech firm Livestream to webcast a New York show last weekend.