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Google’s latest search feature is official posts from musicians

The question of what appears in Google search results when people look for their favourite music artists has sparked controversy in the past: rightsholders regularly attacked Google for returning links to illegal downloads.

They’ll be happier about Google’s latest search feature, which has been announced tonight. It’s called ‘search posts’, and will offer social network-style updates from musicians that appear when they are searched for.

“The next time you’re wondering about Lorde’s upcoming tour dates or Steve Aoki’s new music video, you can hear the update directly from them – plus Sia, Son Little, Sofi Tukker, Shakira, and Kygo – through a post in Search,” explained Google’s blog post.

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Sandbox Issue 180: WhatsApp Doc? Marketing with Messaging Apps

Lead: WhatsApp has 1.2bn monthly users. Amazing. But the music industry is barely using it as a marketing platform. Not amazing. So why not? There are (still) pragmatic issues such as as a cap on the number of users in a group and no way of automating messages; but there are equally huge opportunities. We speak […]

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Shakira and Rovio talk Love Rocks: ‘It really is a joint venture’

I just got Shakira’s ‘She Wolf’ album, and I paid for it in matches. Not of the firemaking kind, though: this isn’t some pop-up vinyl shop in Shoreditch with a quirky bartering payment system. Although give it time…

‘She Wolf’ is a free download for anyone who manages to reach level 12 in Shakira’s new gem-matching mobile game Love Rocks. Albeit only in the Android version of the game in 10 countries, through a partnership with Google Play.

Even so, it’s a glimpse at ambitions for the game – a joint venture with Angry Birds developer Rovio Entertainment – that go beyond simply making money from in-app purchases.

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The latest star of Angry Birds is… Shakira?

Shakira is the latest music star to appear in a mobile game, although in her case she is fluttering into an established franchise, rather than following Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj in striking a deal to launch her own.

Fluttering is the right word, too: Shakira is now a playable character in Angry Birds Pop, the mobile puzzle game from Finnish developer (and Angry Birds inventor) Rovio Entertainment.

What’s more, “Shakira Bird” will be taking her never-fibbing hips to two other Angry Birds games in the coming months: Angry Birds Friends and the recently-launched Angry Birds 2.

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Sandbox 120 – Webpage Turner: Building a Killer Artist Website

Lead: Who needs an artist website in an age of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr? It turns out lots of people do because they allow you to better control the visuals of a campaign as well as the audience relationship. We speak to those who are investing heavily in artist sites about why they have their […]

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