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Music Ally startup files: Skrachy brings the livestreaming party to DJs

In the last year, a slew of new livestreaming platforms have been launched and established ones thrust to prominence. The livestreaming ecosystem is now settling down, and the various platforms are figuring out their niches and unique selling points.

For newcomer Skrachy, that niche is livestreaming specifically for DJs, with a built in discovery system and booking shop-front, plus licensing arrangements to ensure they don’t have to worry about copyright takedowns.

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Skrachy launches livestreaming app for DJs – royalties included

News of a livestreaming app for DJs can’t help but spark questions about royalties for the musicians whose work those DJs are using in their sets.

Skrachy is a US startup which claims to have an answer for that: it will charge DJs membership fees, and pay royalties out from that.

“A Skrachy membership equips DJs with the tools to monetize their business, including a virtual storefront, gig scheduler complete with built-in calendar and payment processing, a virtual console for livestreaming, and royalty protection for their event mixes,” is how the company’s launch announcement described its plans.