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Topspin’s Ian Rogers pitches content registry as alternative to SOPA/PIPA

With the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation now on ice in the US, what next? Topspin’s Ian Rogers has published a guest post on Hypebot with his own suggestion: “A content registry where copyright holders can express the rules governing the use of their content and a legislative requirement sites dealing in media respect the rules expressed by the rights-holder in the registry”.

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Music Ally Report : The Other Retail (Issue 285)

– Our lead looks at the rise of D2F sales and the importance of this uncharted territory to the
retail story
– Our second feature considers the recent debate around the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation
– New Startups and Apps: Soundrop, Yamaha NoteStar, Splash FM
– A round up of the finalists for this year’s midemlab
– Market Profile: Australia
– Comment: Mark Mulligan on SOPA and PIPA in the context of wider media industry strategy

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