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Twitter creates promoted stickers

Or, to use the correct term, “#Stickers”. Twitter debuted stickers (sorry, “#Stickers”) in June for all users to add to their photos. Initially they were from a bank of images created by Twitter but now it has opened them out to brands (and pop stars, we presume) to create their own stickers (sorry, “#Stickers”) to add to its library.

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MixRadio launches branded stickers within Line app

Streaming service MixRadio was bought from Microsoft by social app Line earlier this year, with one of the key aspects being the potential ability to promote the service app to more than 200m active Line users.

With MixRadio now available on iOS and Android, that strategy is now kicking into gear. MixRadio has launched a free collection of branded stickers within Line’s app called MixRadio Plays Music with Line.