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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki addresses anti-diversity row

Sacked Google engineer James Damore has been giving his first detailed interviews about his ‘anti-diversity’ memo. He nailed his colours to the men’s rights activism mast by giving them to a pair of right-wing YouTubers who have made their anti-feminist views clear in the past.

But YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has also been giving her views, in a column published by Fortune in which she relates a question asked by her daughter this week: about whether there really are ‘biological reasons’ why there are fewer women in tech and leadership.

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CEO Susan Wojcicki promises YouTube Red expansion in 2017

YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki has published a blog post aimed at video creators, summarising YouTube’s key developments from 2016.

Most of it will be familiar to Music Ally readers, from the $1bn paid out to music rightsholders from YouTube ads in the last year and the $2bn paid out to all rightsholders from Content ID over the last five years, to new features in live streaming, VR and YouTube’s comments section.

There’s also some comments on subscription tier YouTube Red, with Wojcicki confirming that YouTube released 24 original series and films in 2016 for Red.