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Tommy Boy president: ‘YouTube could become our number one DSP’

Friday saw the first ever Music Ally TV weekly show, broadcast using video-conferencing platform Zoom. Our guests included Rosie Lopez, president of Tommy Boy, and the topic at hand was YouTube.

“We’re feeling very optimistic about YouTube. We’re projecting that YouTube could potentially become our number one DSP in the future,” said Lopez. “It’s a lot of work… but it is a platform where you literally get what you put in, back out, if you put time into it, [and] if you have a great team.”

Lopez went on to note that YouTube is more than just a “profit centre” for Tommy Boy: it’s also “a way to grow the family, the close-knit people that come in and check on us on a daily basis”. She added that its social features are key to that.

“On Spotify, we can’t comment back to people who love our music. On YouTube we can,” she said. “On YouTube you’re gonna hear what people like, you’re gonna hear what they don’t like, and if you learn to pay attention, you’re gonna learn a lot from your audience on YouTube!”

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Music-streaming trends, from A&R to global/local evolution

At today’s Midem conference in Cannes, a pair of afternoon sessions at the event’s ‘Streaming Summit’ focused on some of the evolving trends around the music-streaming world.

The first explored the question of whether streaming services are “the new A&Rs”, with a sparky (if, unfortunately, all-male) panel including Epidemic Sound CEO Oscar Hoglund; Playground Music Scandinavia A&R / label manager Patrik Larsson; 7digital deputy CEO Pete Downton and Mom + Pop Music co-president Thaddeus Rudd.

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YouTube, streaming, managers and the future of music (#midem)

What were the key trends in the last 50 years of music, and what’s coming up to shake things up again in the next half-century? That was the pitch for the opening keynote panel at Midem today, tying in with the conference’s 50th anniversary.

There was a heavyweight panel of industry veterans: Glassnote Entertainment Group president Daniel Glass; Greenberg Traurig’s global entertainment and media group chairman Joel Katz; Tommy Boy Entertainment founder Tom Silverman; and Sire Records chairman Seymour Stein. The panel was moderated by Mobilium Global’s Ralph Simon.