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Tomorrowland says its virtual festival ‘about broke even’

Dance festival Tomorrowland sold nearly 140k tickets to its virtual festival earlier this year. Now the organisers have been talking to Billboard about how those sales translated into profit.

The answer: not quite, but not far off. Co-founder Michiel Beers said that the festival “about broke even” after Tomorrowland spent around $6m putting it together, with additional funding from sponsorships and media deals.

Now Tomorrowland is planning a follow up for New Year’s Eve, and even if the physical version of the festival returns next year, the virtual edition seems here to stay.

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Apple Music adds mixes from Tomorrowland: Around the World

The recent online Tomorrowland: Around the World festival was a hit, reaching more than one million viewers. The festival has since launched its ‘relive’ website for ticketholders to watch the sets on demand.

Now Apple Music is bringing some of those sets – in audio form – to a wider audience. It has a number of the live DJ sets available, including those from Alan Walker, Claptone, Steve Aoki, Charlotte De Witte and Armin Van Buuren, gathered on Tomorrowland’s curator page on Apple Music.

In more Apple/dance-music news, Lady Gaga has signed up to be a Beats 1 host, with her weekly Gaga Radio show – yes, we have Queen on our internal jukebox as we write this – to focus on interviews with dance music stars, and exclusive DJ mixes.

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Tomorrowland virtual festival attracted 1m viewers

BTS may have set a Guinness World Record for the 756,000 paying fans who watched their recent livestreamed concert, but the virtual Tomorrowland Around The World festival notched up an even bigger number.

Pollstar reported that the online event attracted more than one million viewers over its two days. Bear in mind that this was a paid event: tickets cost €20 for the weekend or €12.50 for a day, although the promoters have not yet broken down the sales.

Even if all those one million people had just bought a single day pass, it’s a gross of €12.5m ($14.7m) – although the caveat is whether every single viewer paid to watch.