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Executive order bans US transactions with ByteDance… and Tencent

As promised, President Trump has signed an executive order banning all transactions by US companies with TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. However, a separate order extends the ban to messaging app WeChat AND its parent company Tencent – including “any subsidiary of that entity”.

Strap yourselves in. Given Tencent’s web of investments in and from music industry companies, there may be some chaos ahead.

Here’s the TikTok/ByteDance executive order and here’s the WeChat/Tencent one. Both set a deadline of 45 days after which transactions with ByteDance and Tencent will be prohibited, and both note that the US Secretary of Commerce will “identify the transactions” covered by the order… in 45 days’ time.

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WeChat gets ‘Mini Programs’ to challenge apps

Chinese messaging app WeChat has 768 million active users according to its most recent public figure. Now it’s launching a challenge (of sorts) to Apple and Google’s app stores with a new feature called ‘Mini Program’.

The Wall Street Journal described it as “a suite of web apps” designed to run within WeChat, although the company has carefully ensured there is no central ‘app store’ for the programs so as not to incur the competitive wrath of Apple or Google.

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WeChat offers TurnUp Music in South Africa

A messaging app offering music is not exactly new – as users of Line in Asia will know – but it is certainly one way to net that elusive younger audience who are abandoning old media and ’traditional’ digital platforms/channels such as Facebook and email. WeChat and Endemol Shine Africa are offering users the TurnUp Music service and it is aimed at heavily promoting local artists.