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‘By definition the creative industry is not scaleable’ – but is this a problem?

Silicon Valley is always keen to understand how scaleable a startup’s business model is: what will make them the next billion-dollar unicorn and beyond? But in music, is that line of thinking problematic?

A panel run by Music Ally at the by:Larm conference in Oslo today explored the question of whether the search for the ultimate scaleable global music-platform risks a race to the bottom, devaluing music and stripping jobs and value creation from the creative community.

The panel included Helienne Lindvall from Auddly; Henriette Heimdal from WIN; and Thierry Baujard, investor with Media Deals and Peacefulfish, and chairman of Musimap. The moderator was Music Ally’s Patrick Ross.

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WIN report claims independent labels now have 38.4% global market share

Independent-music trade body WIN has published its second annual ‘WINTEL’ report on the global music market. Its headline claim is that indie labels increased their market share of global recorded-music sales from 37.5% in 2015 to 38.4% in 2016, as their collective revenues increased by 6.9% to more than $6bn in the latter year.

Within that, streaming revenues for indie labels grew by 80.4% to $2.1bn in 2016, compared to the 78% growth in the overall music market. Indies now account for 40% of global streaming revenues, according to WIN: slightly more than their share of the overall market, although not the huge over-indexing that has sometimes been suggested at independent conferences.