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Yoto children’s speaker gets series of exclusive music albums

We covered British startup Yoto when it launched in 2017. Founded by former 7digital boss Ben Drury, it was a speaker for children, minus the privacy worries of smart speakers for grown-ups, but stocked with music, stories and educational content.

Now the company is deepening its catalogue of music, with some exclusive releases from children’s music artists including Jazzy Ash, Caspar Babypants, Elliott Park, and Sonia De Los Santos. The music is delivered on ‘cards’ that slot in to the Yoto device.

“This is just the start of Yoto’s new music content journey. We are going to continue to offer music from a broad spectrum of diverse music creators that is beautifully made and thoughtfully put together,” said the company’s head of music Dom Hodge. Buzz is growing around Yoto in the children’s entertainment world: Disney, Pixar and Lego are among its other recent partnerships.

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Former 7digital boss launches Yoto smart-speaker for kids

Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are a sensitive subject when it comes to children. While both those companies are encouraging developers to create child-friendly ‘skills’, there are concerns around privacy issues and data storage.

Former 7digital CEO Ben Drury is hoping to avoid that with his new venture Yoto: a smart speaker for children that doesn’t have a microphone or use / record voice commands.