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Andy and the Odd Socks launch new album with kids’ parties

Andy Day is a popular children’s TV presenter in the UK on TV channel CBeebies, but he’s also been building a music career as the frontman of Andy and the Odd Socks.

The band’s new album comes out today (22 May) through Sony Music’s children’s entertainment label Magic Star, and there’s an inventive marketing campaign around it. Over the next week, there’ll be 250 children’s parties happening in the UK: essentially album playback events with games and (occasionally) a drop-in appearance from Day himself.

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Zoom has 200m daily users, but CEO promises to fix its problems

A month ago, most of us had never even heard of video-conferencing app Zoom. Now it feels like we’re all on it having work meetings and catching up with friends and family.

The company behind it has revealed that Zoom was being used by 200 million daily users in March – up from an average of just 10 million at the end of December 2019. Amazing growth, but Zoom’s ubiquity has also exposed some problems with the platform and its technology, and a number of articles questioning its security and privacy policies.

Now CEO Eric Yuan has published a blog post about Zoom’s growing pains, which also seeks to reassure users spooked by those reports.